quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2009


We all need build our dreams, sometimes big, sometimes not too much.

The most of incredible things is a lot of opportunities that we have and how much time we spend with silliness.

People are worried about their lives. Nobody pay attention to the real important things. The humanity walks in a straight direction, looking for a reason to survive and support the hard pressure everyday.

It seems like we all are blind and being slaves of ourselves.

What we wait for?

The time goes by and we know that never back again.

Our dreams don’t fall to the sky like a rain drops.

We can build then. Only you could discover the reason within to do what you have to do.

All of us wish something with the fever of our deep soul, the thing that could make us happy like nothing more else.

Run to your dream. Don’t be care about how much time you will spend to make it real, don't be afraid, you have don't mind what the other people say.

This happiness will be the great prize for you!

I believe this thing : YOU CAN REALIZE ALL YOU WANT!

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