domingo, 8 de fevereiro de 2009

The Worst Enemy

Sometimes we just need a place to resting. Maybe not because the body is tired, but our minds and hearts needs loneliness and reflection.

We all have a lot of moments that we live like birds with one broken wing and the only way to go where we want is walking slow, step by step.

The secret to do something that you’ve never do before is the patience.

This is not a word of someone that wishes to conform with your own destiny or something like this.

People around the world are looking for a peace outside and don’t try to discover the paradise that lives inside their souls.

The troubles of the world aren’t the war and hungry people. The biggest trouble of all is the battlefield build between us and the rest. The worst is not the blood that the war has shed but the constant tears that everyone cries without the answers for their essential questions.

The worst of all the human enemies are not the others, but their self.

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