quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2008

To realize a dream...

My chest will now explode!

I was thinking about life and death. May God’s create the same thing with same purpose?

I couldn’t think nothing else to say… just other mystery has included my questions and now, there’s no answer.

Some things are like a movie in my head.

A little child becomes a woman and learning to live by your own way.

Sometimes is hard, so is grateful yet.

To build some big dreams, we all need patience so much and comprehend the process since the start until the end.

Miracles will be possible, if you make your part.

There’s no miracle without a hard work.

You can make a great change in your life, even if everything seems like an eternal night.

You can choice to get ready when the sunrise coming. Or… just to be waiting, making nothing.

The great opportunities will be better and more intense when you have the knowledge.

Don’t spend your time just thinking.

You can realize!

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