quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2009

Youth, Life, Death and Love

The youth works like a judge that makes your own justice all the time. Maybe in this moment people think that time could stop to make their lives happen.

Maybe many of us forget the time law. It includes me.

If we could back in time, something’s could be different …or not.

Perhaps we can think this way because sometimes we consider that we are immortal.

The death is like a distant cousin and we almost never see then. So, unfortunately it’s not the truth. It is an old friendship who will visit us in a distraction moment, sooner or latter.

I was thinking about the miserable life that we live for many years, just working to have and buy things with one purpose: to fill the hole within.

However, it’s not so easy.

People don’t trust each other. Love lost the power. Everybody just think in money. How to make to have more and more?

Even if the world along the years seems like a cruel place, I prefer to believe that we can do everything to make the world a better place for all.

We don’t need to learn some magic to make this, just to be happy with ourselves and loving the most important people of our lives just the way they are.

The body age is not important but the light of eternal young spirit.

Bring this light in your eyes, always. Put stars in the way of each person close to you.

Enjoy the things that any money can buy. Sometimes the happiness tries to hide in a place where we never search for: inside us.

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